Hot Air Balloon

December 21, 2009
By AllisonNicole SILVER, South PLainfield, New Jersey
AllisonNicole SILVER, South PLainfield, New Jersey
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Walikg to sign up I had butterflys in my tummy/Though I knoew it would fun, I still felt kind of funny/As I got my ticket and waited for my turn to near,/I listened to the others shout, "I can see my house from here!"// I watched and waited with my friends to go up in the balloon/ And I thought to myself, "Oh I wish we could go up soon,"/ They call our numbers and uo to the podium we run/But there is no room, so we must wait longer for our fun.//After five more minutes of waiting for it to come down,/ Shannah, Emily, Zach, and I ran up there with a bound./We got in the basket and stood for there was not a chair,/Emily said, "Let's go!" and we rose into the air.//"You know how we're tied?" I asked as we stood there hovering,/"Professional hot air ballooners are tied to nothing!"/The others gasped and laughed as we looked down toward the ground,/ Out of the silence Shannah burst, "I don't want to go down!"// Zach had an idea for some excitement in the air,/He dropped a super bouncy ball from all the way up there./And how quickly it fell all the way down to the floor./We watched it and Zach cried out, "Wait! I still ahve one more!"// So the second one dropped with the same result as the first,/ but the next part we knew would definately be worst./The operator said it was time to come back down to Earth./ Though it was sad, we knew we had to go expess our mirth.//as he turned on the fire ev'ryone could feel the heat./ The ride down was silent as we thought this could not be beat./We ran to the parents to see all the pictures they took./ AS we gazed at them in awe, with excitement we shook.//Then a thought occurred, where had that bouncy ball bounced off to?/we looked high and low, near and far, but could not find a clue./Oh well, it was declared, we don't need to find that one anyway,/For there were more to be found, not very far away.//In a flash all of our cell phones were at the ready./Ev'ryone had to be called to tell our ride was steady./Some were shocked, some excited, some couldn't believe it./The story was told, ev'ry detail, ev'ry little bit.//Now it is done, the anticipation is over,/We feel so lucky, like we have found a four leaf clover./ Wow, am I glad I got to have this great experience,/And that I had it with my best friends, made me want to dance.

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