Stormy Night

December 21, 2009
By Jasminexo BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Jasminexo BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It was just another one of those scary nights,/ There was a thunderstorm and we had no lights./ I was doing homework when my house went totally dark./ I might have not stumbled if I did not hear the dog bark.// I had a huge test and I could not fail this certain class./ How could I study when all I heard was a boom and crash?/ The rain pounded on my window even scarier./ I would need some protection like a barrier.// This was one of my biggest fears I always had to face./ My brother and I would always run away like a race./ Not only was I scared of the thunder, but so was he./ We ran to Mom's room faster than a kid from a mad bee.// Now the thunder was banging on my house more than before./ I hate the thunder so much I'd rather do a chore./ The lightning struck a phone pole and knocked it to the ground./ It may have fell into a street making a car go around.// My house shook now as if a hurricane were occuring,/ And my books fell, but I could not see with all this blurring./ I lost my page and the test was just hours away./ This also caused me to have less fun and no time to play.// This all happened in an extremely small amount of time./ I probably would not have time to even flip a dime./ I needed to check out my window to see if it stopped./ When I got up and started to walk, I heard something plop.// Outside my window, it looked worse than the local train wreck/ Evry'thing was totaled except for Mom's car with a small peck./ Then all of a sudden the lights were back on in the house./ It was so silent you could hear a mouse.// There was a very strange beeping noise coming from close near./ It was way too loud I needed to cover my ear./ Great, now my mom was calling me down from the living room./ She kept calling me but I could not get there in a zoom.// "It's time for school... You're going to be late... Get up right now!"/ How could this be, all I could think was oh wow?/ There was not really even a thunderstorm after all./ I was just having a nightmare, like the one with the ball.//

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