Leave It All on the Mat

December 21, 2009
By troyboyo8 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
troyboyo8 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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The dual meet came down to the last match and the score was tied./ Since my last teammate lost, the crowd was discouraged so they sighed./ The victory of my team was laying on my shoulders./
I hoped and prayed I would win, as I chilled and grew colder.//
I was ready to go as the entire tunnel clapped./ My calves, thighs, biceps, forearems, and my face were fiercly slapped./ I was nervous and excited as sweat streamed down my face/ the crowd cheered as I bounced side to side at a steady pace.//
I ran out quickly and checked in at the scorer's table./ It would be tough to get a win, but I was capable./ My palms were very sweaty as I stepped onto the line./ My brother has had his turn, now it is my time to shine.//
Eagerness went through my body, and the whistle was blown./ Then I fiercly clubbed my opponents head to set the tone./
I setup and angle and dove in, but my shot was blocked./ My angle was perfectl; along with the crowd I was schocked.//
I went in for another shot; this time I took him down./ I gained confidence and my opponent began to frown./ Staying tough on top, I rode him with a tight half and wrist./ The away crowd thought I was stalling and strated to hiss.//
As the first period ended, the score was two-zero./ If i could win this last match, I would be the great hero./ My coach told me to pick bottom, but I wanted top./ A popcorn kernel on bottom, I was ready to pop.//
My opponent dove for my legs as I was escaping./ The crowd went nuts; now the bleachers were heavily shaking./ I gained another point and began to widen my lead./ My opponent was determined and was picking up speed.//
He wanted to win more than me, and threw me to my back./ I was overly-confident and now began to slack./ Realizing I was losing, I fought hard to my belly./ I had a terrible feeling; my legs were like jelly.//
Gaining two more points, I reversed him by being real slick./ Then I brought him to his back and it all happened real quick./ I was extremely excited when the mat was then slapped./ I had won the match for the team as the crowd cheered and clapped.//

The author's comments:
This poem was written just before I strated wrestling season. I was really excited for the season and hoped something like this would happen.

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