My Heart I Couldn't Fix

December 21, 2009
By j3ann1n3s0 BRONZE, Union City, California
j3ann1n3s0 BRONZE, Union City, California
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You came so unexpectedly
Like a snowflake in July
And watching you from afar
Was like a clear and cloudless sky
The steps you took were quiet
And your footprints left a mark
It’s as if you landed on my heart
Took a match and lit a spark
For my heart was once so shattered
That if you held it in your hand
The pieces would fall through
Like grabbing handfuls of sand
For years I tried to mend it
No band aid held it shut
It was too broken to repair
And had too deep of a cut
So I came up with a plan
With my super glue nearby
To attempt to fix it by myself
It never hurts to at least try
Piece by piece I placed the glue
And filled it in its cracks
Then later left it to dry
Still, there was something that it lacked
But the moment that I saw you
My heart began to melt
I realized that this old thing
Still remembered how it once felt
And like a mold to my heart
You caught it in your hands
You shaped it back to normal
Right then I began to understand
That no matter how I tried
My heart I couldn’t fix
I was missing an ingredient
Till I added you to the mix

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