One Day with the Lord

December 24, 2009
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One day with the Lord
Is better than one million here
To never be bored
And no reason to fear

But what would you do?
And what would you say?
If the Lord came to you
And saw you that day

Would you fall on the floor?
And give him your praise?
Or simply stare more
Under awe of his gaze

And in the silence that follows
Would you first speak?
Or would you sit there and wallow
And feel filthy and weak?

And if he offered his hand
Would you take it right there?
Or would you simply stand
And pretend not to care?

Would you trust in the Lord?
As you have all your days
Or would you just hoard
All your humanly ways

If he asked of your presence
Would you know the true worth?
Of answering with confidence
“Christ saved me from Earth”

And on judgment day
Would you pass to the Lord?
Or would your faith sway
And you’d fall with the horde

I’d hope you’d not fall
But realize in accord
That you must give up it all
To spend one day with the Lord

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