Fallen angel

December 24, 2009
By anninicole2 BRONZE, Roscoe, Illinois
anninicole2 BRONZE, Roscoe, Illinois
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Fallen angel

he met me at the gates of heaven
swept me off my feet
im his fallen angel

he refused to mend my broken wing
the fear of me flying away held him back
he couldnt handle the pain

cuz im his fallen angel
letting me go was to hard
he had too take all his words back showing he cared

i dont want you
i dont need you
your a mistake

you will never make it
you mean nothing
your a nobody

it hurt when he said it all to me
cuz I was his fallen angel
and nothing could ever take that away from me

It broke my heart because i put my heart in his hands
i dont think he really understands;
being his fallen angel ment the world to me

why didnt he see i was his fallen angel
your fallen angel begging you not to leave
im your fallen angel fallen to my knees

you know im your angel and you dont wanna let me fall
you know that you love me most of all

im your fallen angel crying for you to stay
im your fallen angel meeting you at heavens gate

The author's comments:
This piece is about a relationship falling apart and a girl losing the man she loves. Inspired by the song fallen angel by chris brown

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