a day if regrets

December 20, 2009
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my mind goes on a day as i think to what has happened to us
we never used to have any problems
nothing was ever wrong between us
until that day

i will never forget that day
energetic, happy
i planned to meet up with a friend to go to a party
me, and my spontaneous friend got ready to have some fun
on that day

that day was something else
me hanging out, my grandma wasn't home, my brother was at the movies
i had NOTHING to worry about
that day

i never knew i could hurt someone i loved
make them angry and not want anything to do with me
until that day came

when i look back i could have analyzed the clues that i had overlooked
maybe i could have just kept with
"hey we're befriends.. right?"
but i didn't that day

maybe i should have told earlier of what had happened
but i was scared of what you would have that about me
because of that day

a single kiss can turn your life around
one day your the next your not..
all because of that very moment

I'm sorry for what had happened on that day
it was never supposed to happen and i just got caught up and scared of the moment on that very day..

that day became a day of regrets

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