Drowning in the flood

December 20, 2009
My heart lie broken, shattered on the floor.
It couldn't possibly hurt anymore.
I scramble to pick up the pieces, but the jagged edges cut so deep.
Down to the ground the blood begins to seep.
Red oozing from my hands, the pain unbearable, I fall to my knees.
Someone end this excrushating pain, I beg of you, please.
Tears flowing continuously wash away the blood.
Help I'm drowning in the flood.
My eyes open I'm on the bathroom floor.
I look in mirror, what am I looking for?
I turn on the water to wash of the blood. Blood?
The faucet won't turn off. Help I'm drowning in the flood

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Kobbish95 said...
Jan. 22, 2010 at 5:58 pm
This was so deep and powerful and amazing. I loved every word of it and enjoyed reading it. Good job.
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