December 20, 2009
The Germans hated all the Jews.
They said, "We're going to kill the lot of you;
because we can determine that you're the scum of our earth.
We determine what a human's life is worth,"
The Germans slapped a yellow star on our sleeve,
exclaimed "Das Juden!"
and told us what we had to believe.
We sat at home when we were forced to leave,
packed in a caravan is where we had to be.
They shipped us by the millions,
burned all our hard earned buildings,
and millions turned to billions as we headed for concentration,
needing contemplation
on why this man Hitler carried so much hatred.
But nonetheless, they took the husbands from the wives,
put the fear of god into all of our lives.
We watched as loved ones burned up in smoke,
we breathed in the air and fought back a choke.
The smell of burning flesh infected our minds,
praying to god we'd make it out alive;
not knowing if our families would even survive,
but knowing that we were sent here to die.
We closed our eyes to pray to a god we couldn't see,
Hitler's reign blinded a faith he couldn't feed.
They fed off control, they called themselves "Nazis";
we begged for salvation, got down on our knees.
They hover above us, blocking the sun,
darkness surrounds us we swear that they've won.
Taken our dignity, swallowed it whole;
they burn all the waste and throw in more coal.
They showered us in gas, cleansing our souls,
but we choked on the air, the Germans reaching their goal:
a life without Jews- the cause of all misery,
while a man's out there screaming,
"God damn it, please look at me!
I've got a nose,
a mouth and two eyes.
You've got the same,
you're feeding us lies.
We are no different, we're all people here,"

"DAS JUDEN!" the soldier cried,
while the man fought back his tears.
He fell to a bullet through his innocent heart,
another dead body tears his wife apart.

Now we walk around branded cattle,
the past a mere rattle in the back of our minds
because people nowadays leave the past behind.
It's a forgotten time, the Holocaust,
and all those memories I guarantee will get lost
in lifestyle today, forgetting more with everyday.
But look at Hotel Rwanda, Schindler's List,
the diary of Anne Frank,
and where were we through all this?

The U.S. saw it on the news-
the unstoppable death of six million Jews;
but what will that leave us to do?
Finish our dinner, turn off the TV,
thinking to themselves,
"Thank god that isn't me,"
They close their eyes to a peaceful night's sleep,
while fathers are dying as their children weep.
Their homes are uprooted, and all they can think is
God please stop the shooting!

But God won't help us, we did this to ourselves;
we have mankind to blame and no one else.
We turn a blind eye to what's happening now,
we let it happen and then wonder how.
We do nothing and watch people cry,
we leave them alone,
we leave them to die.
But let me tell you a common story,
and then when I'm done you can tell me you're sorry.

The man and wife walked toward the soldier
and with every step he pulled her closer,
"Chana, I love you,"
That's the last thing he told her.
And the soldier said "There, you paid your debt,"
he walked away thinking "That's what they get,"
but let me ask you a question about their death:

with a bullet to the chest
is it genocide yet?

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