Last Walk

December 19, 2009
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Last Walk

Step through the door, I’m out of class.
Walk by the inclining hall
And pass my friends chilling out.
Feel the burning heaters warmth, just before
I walk out the door, into the cold winter breeze.
Leaves blow past by my long dark hair and blind me.
I shiver, shake, and gaze off at the stunning valley countryside.
I stop my Converse in the beam and the sun warms me once more.
My mind wanders as I think of her.
A past relationship, now a part of history.
I had loved her and she stole my soul and shattered my heart, in tears of blood.
The wind blows, the pages turn as I continue to write, of my Last Walk.
The tree I stand under drops an acorn on my head.
I proceed with my walk,
And come to the main plaza amused by this place.
The center withholds the patriotism of the American flag.
The illuminating sun blinds my sight,
So I raise my pen in hand and observe the Academy building.
The clock on top stated it is 10:47.
I look in the window and my forbidden love gazes down upon me.
Oh, how I’d love to tell her I love her once more and to be her knight in shining armor,
But it can never be, because she cheated on me.
I walk down the road away from the school.
I walk with my head down to the ground and follow my shadow.
Through the cemetery I walk,
Silent, with the only words I speak written in ink.
Down the numberless columns of stone I walk,
Surrounded by the dead.
The church looms over the undead
And protects its lost souls from the fires of hell.
I walk out of sight, air warming me now.
I cringe behind a limestone and shed my last tear.
I draw a pistol from my jacket and stick it down my throat.
I feel the cold winter breeze return to me, with fear.
I pull the trigger…

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