December 31, 2009
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Our scarecrow sits lonesome in our garden as orange leaves fall
Guarding the plump pumpkins, eerie eyes sending a stay away call
Guarding eerie fall, sending leaves away, our scarecrow eyes the orange pumpkins in our plump garden, a lonesome call sits as stay

Days speed by, to skies awash with ominous gray clouds and shedding trees
Like cheetahs dashing in the plains, catching up to a meal that flees
Speed by cheetahs, like the ominous skies that flees in the days catching shedding clouds and dashing plains up to trees, to a meal awash with gray

From my window the snow could be a thousand faultless diamonds under a pale sun
I sprint outdoors to build an igloo for my frozen scarecrow, ecstatic when I am done
The frozen diamonds build a faultless igloo for an outdoors scarecrow under pale snow
I am my window when I could sprint from a thousand to be done, for my ecstatic sun

Could cheetahs sprint like days, catching a thousand faultless clouds? The dashing skies speed away
From orange leaves to a pale snow flees the ecstatic sun
With our scarecrow that sits under trees, to an igloo
In a frozen outdoors shedding fall and sending pumpkins
Stay when I call up a meal; build my scarecrow by the lonesome plains
For I am to be done guarding plump diamonds in my garden
As eerie, ominous, gray eyes awash our window

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