Love for a girl

December 30, 2009
By teryking308 BRONZE, Dallas, Georgia
teryking308 BRONZE, Dallas, Georgia
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When I wake from day to day
I get up from every second
and breath everry day
and keep on living
and my soul keeps going
heart keeps pounding
every second I walk on this ground
I got you my babe
I love you my babe girl
Your all Ive ever wanted
Ill keep you till the day I die
Your amazing
and all that stays in my heart forever
and Ill love you dead or alive
Ill love you in heavin or hell
I hope to never lose you
I want to keep you forever
I hope u dont leave me for anyone else
I want to be number one in your heart
cause u are number one in mine
Ill keep you till the day i die
no matterwat it takes Ill try to keep you happy
when u are happpy I can live forever
and ill stay happy with you
but if you are sad then
Ill be sad with you and
Illl hold you and keep you happy
You will be warm when your close to me
Your all ive ever wanted
your all ive ever needed
Your the only person ive ever loved
More than anything or anyone
In the world
Ill try hard to never lose you
Your alwayse in my heart
You never have to wory
Cause im always here for you
So never give up
and illl stay for you
so no matter wat
Babe you can believe
I willl love you forever
I love you my babe girl
I love you ?? =)

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