I, love and you

December 30, 2009
When we kiss
its unpassionate.
You never close your eyes.
And when we're walking down the street
your hands are 'occupied'
One hand in your pocket,
the other around my waist,
if I'm lucky I must say.
Most times your texting other girls
yet you can't give me the time of day!
Around your buddies I'm invisible or a boulder in the way.
Sometimes I transform into the laughing stalk of shame.

And you always call
me babe.

I want you to call me beautiful,
Your golden ray of sunshine.

I want to be doodles in your notebook
or the reason you can't sleep at night.

From your view,
I want to be a landscape in your gallery; something picturesque.

I want that when I lay my head, I'll smile at all the words you have said.

I'd prefer if you would hold my heart rather than my hand
and you'd make a small effort to get to know my fam.

You know,
I wouldn't have a problem,
if you watched me as I left a room.

I just want to hear three words from you.

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