a world unchanged

December 27, 2009
By karmaloves BRONZE, Mission Hills, California
karmaloves BRONZE, Mission Hills, California
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Favorite Quote:
karma could either be good or bad

Life is a game
Played a day
We go around killing
A people a day
Going down a road of mischief
Down a road of hate
Another life feared with despair and deceit
What runs through the minds
Of the young generation
With the world in their hands
Will it lead to deception
Or more of the stealing and dying of tension
If we go down a road of change unmade
A future of death that would have to be made
As the myans predicted
In 2012
As the world dies out
A change untaken and a population world round deceased with deception
A change unmade will leave us deceased an end to the killing
Including the Mideast
As apocalypse approaches
An uncertain future
And the appearing of spaceships
Will lead to a panic
And the only thought of warships

A generation’s misfortune
From years to come
Have lost all hopes of a surviving recreation
But as it turns out
A world to an end
Will mean no more forsaken
From years to come
Or even another life forcefully taken
But as a day carries on
Not a soul remembered
Because the people were ignorant to even poneder a second
But as a humanless earth ponders from sun to sun
Population less
Just remember what could have been done
But as I had said before
If we go down a road of unchanged
A future of death that would have to be made
So take this reminder as another precaution
So lives could be speared
Without another extortion
And as earth shall live on
With days to come
As it shall offer to share
In return of unforsighted despair
A change made
Will have an unwilling future to fade

The author's comments:
my inspiration was my family but mmostly my dad.

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