January 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Friends... Just a name... Right? That sounds every day... Who are friends? Once I thought, that friends are the people with who I could laugh and cry together... Now I know, that friends are not the people... They are people, who hurt your heart... you could spend hours with them just doing nothing... and that would make you so happy... they are people with who you can divide your secrets... they don't tell you to change... they take you just like you are... memories, tiers, laughs and smiles... you hold together, because you love each other...friendship is the the strongest and greatest thing in the world... My friends are in my heart, soul, happiness, loughs, tiers, love and my life...

The author's comments:
Well.. I dunno about you guys but for me friends are my life they are always with me no matter what and I'm so happy to have them...
I hope that you will understand what meant by this...

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