Metaphor of Metaphors

December 17, 2009
By Sugar BRONZE, South San Francisco, California
Sugar BRONZE, South San Francisco, California
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O magestic mountain of eternal youth
That which towers over but a few
Looks o'er lush greens and tranquil river with aloof,
As hidden birds twitter with nature's aural hue.

Babbling brook, alive with God's aquatic creation,
Sweeps by the wild, sun-warned weeds of gold;
Where a mother shrew twitches sadly, with lamentation,
Her pink nose, with babes' near-starvation untold.

Emerald pines! Heed the call!
Show your unbounded kindness and nourish them all!
For the blessed must bless, certainly,
Lest the Creator smite them purposefully.

Craggy mountain, blackened sky,
Why are pine trees stubborn, I wonder why?
Dirty water, ashen, seared leaves,
Is this all because one little deed?

Fear not, Mother Earth despairing;
Listen to the faint petal-whipped wind whispering:
"All is well, the worst is gone,
The sun has replaced darkness with the dawn."

The author's comments:
I originally wrote this poem for my English final, and it was inspired by a picture of nature torn from a Christian calendar. When I first saw the image, the beauty of the scene struck me with a solemn awe, and I hope that I can convey that beauty to you in this poem.

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