Yeagy: The Poem

December 16, 2009
By Alex - BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Alex - BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Yeagy: The Poem
Twas the night before Yeagy’s birthday
And all through the house
Not a person was stirring
His cat wasn’t even purring

And now we see Yeagy
All tucked in his bed
The night before his birthday
Things were running through his head

Maybe he wanted a present or two
A boat, or a car, or a candy shoe
I think he wanted to go to Kalamazoo

He was thinking about his brother
And how he came from another mother

He was hoping for some money
To buy some new honey

He was thinking about his grandma
Who was coming with his grandpa

While he was thinking he heard a bang in the hall
He jumped up to check it out and tripped on a ball

He slammed his head into the wall
Yeagy got up and stumbled into the hall

He saw his furry gray cat
Sitting by his baseball bat

Soon he blacked out and today he will say
His head hurt so much he just floated away

Soon his mom walked in
And she deafened the din

With such a loud scream
She though it was a dream

She called 9-1-1 and they came in a hurry
They took him to the hospital in a scurry

He woke up soon
But he felt like a loon

The doctor told him he had a concussion
When he heard this he started fussing

All he wanted for his birthday was a present or two
A boat, or a car, or a candy shoe
Maybe some money
To buy some honey

This is not what he had hoped for
So he screamed like a boar

“This is not fair
I would give up my hair”

Someone somewhere heard his request
In a few seconds they were on a quest

When they got to his house, they found him in his bed
Moping around and groping his head

Next thing he knew his head ache was gone

Suddenly he felt his head
And he fainted over his bed

He had no hair anywhere
All of the sudden someone was there

They explained that they had heard his request while he was doing the dishes
They were trying to be polite by fulfilling his wishes

He said he was just upset and he didn’t mean what he had said
He wanted his hair back on top of his head

The stranger admitted there was nothing he could do
Finally he said” May I use the Loo”

Yeagy said no and to get out
Then they decided to bout

Yeagy told his brother to say “ding, ding, ding”
Finally they fought in the makeshift ring

Yeagy got an early lead by punching the guy in the face
Next the guy tackled him and he was thrown off pace

They hit, kicked, and punched for over an hour
Yeagy finally said he was done because he had to take a shower

He stepped into the shower and the water poured down
Yeagy went to bed with a frown

He sat in his bed thinking “What did I do?”

“I gave up a fight.
It could have gone all night.”
“I could have won.
And then it would be done.”

It was too hard because he was strong
I told him to pack up his bags and move along

“Now my birthday was a mess
I did more than less.”

“Now I am bald for the rest of my life.”

The next day Yeagy woke
He felt kind of broke

He didn’t have a headache
Yet he didn’t have hair

He went to the kitchen to eat breakfast
He decided to take his mind off of things by going to the pumpkin fest

He walked out the door and went down the street
He said before he went” I have to get some meat”
After he had some meat to eat
He walked down the street

This street took him to pumpkin fest 2010
Where he had fun until the very end.
This story was written by me
For all to see

That Yeagy is a beast!

The author's comments:
Yeagy inspired this piece!

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