Bills Grand Adventure

December 16, 2009
By Rocker5128 BRONZE, Hamilton, Michigan
Rocker5128 BRONZE, Hamilton, Michigan
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Hi my is name is Bill,

One day, I climbed a hill.

On the hill there was a snake,

I “took care of it” with a rake.

Then on that hill I found a slimy super snail,

I put my finding in my super duper pail.

Then I found a super huge frog,

the super big frog pushed me into a bog.

In the bog, I sat to cry,

Oh why big frog, oh why why why?

I then stood up to explore the bog,

in the bog I found a wild hog.

The wild hog then spoke,

To go home, follow the smoke.

What smoke oh great hog?

Why the smoke at the end of the bog.

So, I followed the smoke for miles on end,

Until a cow came up on a bend.

I walked the the cow,

And the cow began to meow.

Yes, the cow began to meow,
How and why did it meow, how am I supposed to know how?

And on the cow, there was a lark,

The lark began to bark, yes I said bark.

So I passed by this strange sight,

Into a land ruled by a termite.

Now , I do not like bugs,

Not snails or ants, or even slugs.

And I especially do not like,

This evil little termite named King Mike.

He started to speak and he spoke with power,

Geez, to him I must seem like the Sears Tower!

He said welcome to our great city,

But I warn you, we are very busy.

Why do you come here young human?

Why do you confront me, King Mike Looman?

So I told hi my story,

And he sent me a bug named Tory.

The bug named Tory

Flew me out of the bog, and that is the end of my story

The author's comments:
Well, this is not my "best work". I got bored and made it up just ryhming random words, i hope you like/liked it. (:

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