I am a sister poem

December 16, 2009
By Anonymous

I am a sister
I wonder about tommarrow
I hear laughing in the other room
I see toys and books all around
I want to get along
I am a sister

I pretend I am Amelia Airhart on the swing set
I feel loved everyday
I touch a pencil saying, "Help her with math."
I worry she will get hurt
I cry streams of tears when we don't get along
I am a sister

I understand thoughts at mind
I say silly stuff
I dream of being forever friends
I try to make stars twinkle in her eye
I hope i can make her day
I am a sister

The author's comments:
I really do have a sister and I hate it when we don't get along. My mom tells us to get along, but i am the one who is really trying. I love my sister dearly. She is the closest thing to a best friend and can make me laugh when I am in a sad mood. And she brightens the room with her laugh and smile. I love being and older sister but sometimes it is hard. Ilove to have a younger sister so that I can help her with stuff. Treat your sister like she is precious gold. She will pay you with better respect.

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