High School

December 16, 2009
The Silent stares
Morning glares
The sun awakes each morning
A new day has come so has the sun.
Can anyone help me through it?
Forgiveness is hard
Tears still fall
A friendship is broken.

I lie in my bed
Half dead as I dread
The waking of tomorrow morning

Walking down the halls
With a phony smile acting remarkably tall
I can hear my name from gossipers all around.

The mortal fate of a social death
Creeps in your mind
In this horrifying place were lying is a talent
Crying is a reality T.V. show for everyone to see
And the crushing of pride and dignity is a sport.
Best Friends turn to enemies
As fast as a cheetah running in the field

Fights are as common as snow fall in winter.
Anything that was done can be un-raveled.
In this Mystical Kingdom we call


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