the art of fishing

December 16, 2009
There I was on the bank,
then all of the sudden my sinker sank.
I jumped up and grabbed my fishing pole,
I reeled it in and my bait was stole.

So I put some more bait on the hook,
As I hoped I could catch one to go in the record book.
I could see the steam from my mouth,
As the sun came up near the south.

Once again my line was out,
I knew I was gonna get a fish without a doubt.
I could see the fish coming back,
I tried reel in my line it had some slack.

Then in two seconds I got a bite,
That fish was strong he put up a fight.
I reeled as fast as I could,
I jerked just like I should.

I finally reeled him in,
Ouch I said when he poked me with his fin.
He was 17 inches long,
And he was really really strong.

I got him mounted on the wall,
And got ready to go back next fall.

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