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December 15, 2009
By LyricallyGifted BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
LyricallyGifted BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
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I made this decision to address all my Christians,
so if you dont mind, just listen.
See we take on this title without living the definition,
sins arent repented, instead they're done in repititon
but instead of hesitating, pondering the question and debating,
we raise our hands saying that we're Christians.
But really, what do you think that you're depicting
when you are out in the world are you being a hypocrite when,
on Sundays you listen and quote all these scriptures
but on Monday you're looking at pornographic pictures?
Why would we set ourselves up for these addictions
when we have the description of biblical instructions for living?
It's a matter of temptation
which complicates a situation
it makes something look good when really its out of place.
see that's called deception,
we are easily decieved.
It's like a competition and the devil's in the lead
he got us feeling all helpless like we are the one's in need
no protection becasue we aint been applying what we read.
Its not enough to go to church and listen to the sermon
espcially when you aint really tetaining what you're learning
we sing in the choir but dont really know the words
Hallelujah, Amen, let your praises be heard.
See when its only a showcase to flaunt what you know
and its not really to learn and to spiritually grow,
then maybe you're just religious, maybe you believe
but it you dont act on your faith then you cant really recieve.
So as Christians we are supposed to be Christ like.
Walk by faith and not by sight
Leave the darkness to be in the light
So are we really right?
Next time the question is asked and instead of hesitating, pondering the question and debatings, we raise our hands saying that we're Christians?

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