A Promise Kept

December 15, 2009
By Laeh Alexander BRONZE, Montz, Louisiana
Laeh Alexander BRONZE, Montz, Louisiana
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Friends are there to keep you from falling down
To keep your head from falling spinning round and round
Always encouraging each other to do no wrong
Advising to keep your heart where it truly belongs; yourself

We grew up together in elementary school
Always hanging out together and swimming in pools
We have never let guys come in between us
And sometimes we would get into arguments and fuss
Sometimes we have let each other down
But at the end of the day, we were there to make each other smile

On the last day of school we made a promise
A promise that only us four shared
A vow to never let a guy take away our innocence even if he said he really did cared
The day I left and moved away
We all started to cry while I remembered the promise we made
They reminded me of our vows and then I left
Full of sorrow making deep signs of breath

School was great and I made new friends
But still I felt like a beach with no sand
I decided to go to my old schools game
Nervous to see if my friends were still the same
When first spotting one my best friends I could have screamed
Shocked to see what was shown before me
I felt bad for her because of the position she was now placed
Wondering how this situation could be faced

She was not the only one who did not keep our vow
The others committed actions that was not worth taking a bow
It hurts me to know that our friendship is not the same
Because they decided to go to high school and change
Although promises were broken I will continue to keep mine
Because mine is important

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