Day At School

November 19, 2009
By Anonymous

A girl walks in school
wearing all black
looking her best, the students step back
she looks hot today, to good to describe
but her friends and boyfriend aren't surprised
everybody she knows old and new
walks up to her and says " Hello"
besides the screams and shouts
and tight hugs
she still feels isolated amoung those she trusts
she is herself, don't mistake that
but it only takes one word to wreck that
crying, sobbing, suicide too
nothing helps, not even her music
she walks around all depressed
but all she wants is for troubles to rest
people stop trash talking, backstabbing her too
her friends, family, boyfriend
won't catch her fall
so all she does is suffer and dread
if her parents knew she'd be gone away
what a shame, what a pity, what a crime!
when no one is left she will die
her boyfriend promised, sweared that he'll help her
but all he did was help kill her

The author's comments:
I Wrote this poem when school started for me, I felt alone and like nobody loved me so i wrote this poem to show people how i feel.

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