Tainted Thoughts

November 15, 2009
By Anonymous

What happen to my innocence part of my humanity? Before i knew calamity and negated my insanity.how could someone make it if he's doubted by his family?when he know he'll be successful but the haters think he cant suceed.the anger in his heart just bottles up.and the things that make him angry never ends they follow up.haters love vindictiveness adding to his viciousness.with no other choice he must get back or live with this.stuck inside this endless circle physical combined with verbal.mentally has no effect emotionally will really hurt you.put his emotions to the side tired of being chastised.he joins the gang not for respect but to start a new life.he been through things that many haven't causing violence causing havoc. cuz he held in so much anger to realease some was a habit.due to his experiance he's stuck on this zone. which leaves him all alone to search survival on his own.

The author's comments:
hey i moved to pittsburgh from the cruel streets of the south bronx. so i seen alot of stuff that many people only gets to see in movies. however i rose above all of that by getting an education, and even though i wasn't a perfect little angel growing up staying in school was one of the prime motives to my survival.

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