November 8, 2009
By Anonymous

her eyes
her smile
her teeth
her style
she's perfect in every aspect of the word
she carries the voice of a spring time bird
the way she walks with her hands swinging
back and forth
forth and back
she has her life right on track
she seems to know what she wants
she ignores all the laughs and taunts
a great student who gets straight a's
she deals with her life in many ways
everyone knows that perfection doesn't exist
this girl has a problem...
she cuts her wrists
the sight of blood makes her queasy
the release of stress makes her stomach easy
she always acts like everything is fine
in reality, she walks a thin line
between life and death
she is just waiting until she inhales her final breath
she has the perfect guy who plays with her mind
he has two girls on the side
its almost as if she is blind
she tells herself that razor blades will make everything right
its now her addiction that she cant fight
red puddles over the bathroom floor
she has cut too deep
she has reached her core

The author's comments:
i wasnt really thinking of anything in particular when i wrote this.

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