love hurts

November 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Love.. hurts like something hit you and you cant get up. i've been in love with someone for 2 years. ive told that one person that i was in love with him. he was something special to me. like i saw him and no one else when i should of just thought of myself. love isnt what you want right now. at this age. its what you need. someone who completes you and is going to be there when you need him or her. ive been with guys and girls. Yea im bysexual. but that still didnt stop me from finding who im looking for.. if you say love is fake okay thats all up to you but when someone leaves you and they wont come back and your heart slowly stops, your stomach hurts so bad. then you realized you just let go of something so important too you. but dont just sit in that room feeling all alone. NO! you just got to pull yourself together and see if there is someone out there that your looking for.

The author's comments:
i did to fall in love with one guy for two years. he new but i had already mad a bad choice in life and thats when he left my life. so when he left my heart just feel it was about to fall and my stomach hurt so bad. i cried in my bed for months and months noing i let something go.....

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