the cut

November 2, 2009
By , durham, NC
She breaths in a deep breath as her heart pounds. over whelmed with emotion. she grabs a pair of blued handled scissors off the top shelf. as tears fall from her hazel eyes. she opens the blades all the way. she grasps one of the blades in her right hand. as she takes a deep breathe and holds it in.she places the other blade against her left wrist. she pushes into her skin and glides the bade slowly across. Dark red blood slowly seeps out of the gash she as made on her Left wrist. she slowly lets out the breathe she was holding in and breaths in and out slowly. she lowers her arms and a burst of tears flood from her eyes. as she drops the scissors and she falls to her knees. she can feel the blood from the gash on her wrist slowly run down her hand to her finger tips. the blood drops from her finger tips and hits the floor. she feels nothing no more emotion nothing just numb!!!

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