I Can't Wait

October 29, 2009
By Anonymous

I can't wait 'til the day we meet, to kiss your face and tickle your feet. To count your little fingers, and your little toes, to wiggle your ears and kiss your nose. To see you look at me, for the very first time, and to realize your being, is a part of mine. To hold you and comfort you, when you cry, to have you hear my heartbeat, from the other side. To cuddle you dear, and smell your scent, and thank God profusely, for the blessing He sent. To dress you up in your baby clothes, with your baby socks, and your baby shoes. To laugh when you laugh, and smile when you smile, and tell everyone who asks, you're my beautiful child. To hold your little body, safe in my arms, to guide the way and steer you safe of harm. To rub your belly and sing you songs, to show you the difference between right and wrong. To nurture you tenderly, and feed your soul, and one day thank you, for making me whole. I will never stop loving you or caring my dear, and that I will prove the moment you're here.

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