What are Drugs?

October 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Drugs what r they but

It is a rode that leads to death.
A rode that leaves a void

It is a disease that
Destroys life
Destroys u
Destroys family
Destroys friends

I was
That family
That Friend
That me

I know
The pain
The sorrow
The anguish

SO what r drugs to u?
What do u think about them now?
Do u want to b responsible for all that?
They may seem harmless at the time.
But all they do is destroy lives.

The author's comments:
My mom was a hard core drug abuser. And i hated it it tore me apart.But i cant say i havent smoked ciggerets and weed and drank alchol.Then i have many friends who use and it really has not hepled my situation But i did it cuz i felt like i had no one at times. But luckley i had god and he showed me a better way to live and gave me people in my life that held me acountiable 4 my actions. And helped me befor i really got addicted. I did not plan or rewrite this poem or any of my poems. They all come to me in a stedy streem and 90% of the time i am happy with them. But i want anyone who uses to read this and see that drugs dont only hurt u as thoes who use often do, but it hurts other as well. It can tare famlies apart, shred up friendships and slowly sill relatinships with your signifcant other, SO next time u want to use wether it be alone, with a friend or family member or some one u barley know, around your children or with your children think of what i have said about if you realy want to be responciable 4 hurting thoes you love most and thoes who love you.

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