why Mom

October 14, 2009
By , omaha, NE
I love you so much
but why
why do you have to do this to me
I didn’t mind when I was younger
but now it different
I want you there when I graduate in 4 years
I want you there when I get married
so why do you do this to me
you have a good family
you have four beautiful girls
oh and three beautiful sons
and a nice husband
so I really don’t know why you do this
I was there the other times you went out to do drugs
but this time
this time am done
so I hope you understand what you put me through
every time you go out
am just done
so its time for me to say good bye
get your life together
when your life is together then you could call me up
but till then I say good bye
don’t mind me I could take care of myself
so mom I love you but this time you killed me

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