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December 18, 2009
By chrishuyen BRONZE, San Diego, California
chrishuyen BRONZE, San Diego, California
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They stand guard over their domain,
Watching every movement, every change.
They're tall and majestic, nothing can deter them
From their duty, from their reign.

They always stay from night to day
Never resting, never leaving.
They stay to guard for many years
Forever protecting, forever and a day.

There is little that people can do to destroy
Those valiant soldiers, those fearless warriors.
Only wind and rain and fire and frost
With time can slay, with time, not coy.

Those giants, the brave, the giants will stand
For all eternity, for many a year,
Until the forces of nature will destroy
Little by little, destroy the land.

Yet the giants still stand, between their alleys,
Unable to run, unable to fight.
They stand until the end of days,
Those towering peaks, the kings of the valley.

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