December 18, 2009
By MoreThanYouKnow PLATINUM, Camarillo, California
MoreThanYouKnow PLATINUM, Camarillo, California
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Each moment drags on,
each day seems to be stretching out upon my shoulders,
school is all a blur,
everyone just a speck,
I go home and it's worse,
I can see everything clearly,
his face leaning in to critisize me yet again,
the dissapointment she tries to hide,
the wondering of my siblings,
I need to leave,at least for a while,
but I have nowhere to go so I stay,
I stay and cry every night,
praying for God to take my life, painlessly in my sleep,
but each morning I wake up again only to find the same horrific fate,
where is my escape?

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