The Infection

December 18, 2009
By Kryslyn Eroh BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
Kryslyn Eroh BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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A mother’s nightmare
A Father’s dread
To see their child
In a casket: dead.

For what reason?
Selfish desire?
For heros
The need is dire.

They are an infection,
A disease transferring.
There’s no magical cure,
Only death reoccurring.

They do not help
They can only cause pain,
This is life
Not a game.

People gamble
Their lives away,
From their path of destruction,
They will not sway.

Drugs are destroyers,
A plague from the devil
People’s heads
Become unlevel.

Your brain’s not working
Your mom is crying
Your heart’s not pumping,
You are dying.

These are killers
Poisons to chug
So don’t waste your life
On shameful drugs.

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