October 12, 2009
By [[MiMi]] BRONZE, Austin, Texas
[[MiMi]] BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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All men are liable to error; and most men are, in many points, by passion or interest, under temptation to it. - John Locke

What did I do
To have the person I love
Takin forever tonight
And now he only sees the light

The person I loved
That I cared for with my heart
Was takin from me
And we’ll always be apart

Gone forever tonight
Tomorrow next year
Don’t want to live your whole life
In nothing but fear

The black that we wear
The tears that we shed
For all of the families
As he lies in the bed

Everything stands still
Everything is quiet
It doesn’t quick in till
There’s nothing to say about it

If the coward who killed him
Had the sense to see
That killin’ JP ain’t do nothin
But put pain on me

He ended a life
To make another one worse
Now the last memory I have
Is JP in a hearse

I still hold a grudge
Cause every day I shed tears
He put pain in my life
For now almost two years

I can’t get my head up
Cause I’m still living in fear
These cowards got me shook
And now my future is never clear

Everyday I’m reminiscin’
Its making me go insane
The thought of JP callin’ for help
And screamin’ my name

They say its not my fault
But I ask who’s to blame
If it wasn’t in spite of me
Then please give me a name

Let me find where he at
The coward ’ll get the flame
I’ll show him AR 15
Then pop shots at his frame

This world is like a jungle
You eat or you get ate
My mind state is always to go kill
Like the vet Fredrick the great

So I’d be darned if a ______
Turn me into some bait
I don’t care what they say
My memories ‘ll never fade

Ima stand tall like he wanted
And never let the thought die
Ima be happy like he wanted
And never be ready to say goodbye

The author's comments:
This was about my cousin passing a couple of years ago..Its been really rough since then.

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