if i were a poem

October 12, 2009
By , austin, TX
If I were a poem
I would run like the fastest animal on earth.
In the wild.
In the world.
Out of this house.

If I were a poem
I would search for a better place.
Without traps.
Without hurt.
Out of this mess.

If I were a poem
The worlds
Will let my father feel pain.
The same pain I feel

The story like no other
Would change his outlook
On everything he thought my world

If I were a poem
The moods would change with anger and hate
As rapidly as my heart beats
When I feel that way,
I would tell my father all he has done
To make my life miserable.

If I were a poem
My word would strangle him.
Never letting go.
Or having the urge to do so.

If I were a poem
I would write everything I have to say to him
No regrets.
No more biting my tongue.
No going back on my words.
Releasing every bit of anger.

If I were a poem
I would speak for everyone
Who has ever been hurt by
This monster.
This monster I have to call
My father.

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