Eyes Through A Senior

October 12, 2009
By steph92 BRONZE, Togiak, Alaska
steph92 BRONZE, Togiak, Alaska
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Oh my gosh, its Senior year.
Where did the time fly?
I can’t believe its already here.
I will do my best, that’s not a lie.

My oh my, who are these guys?
They look so young and so curious.
And smell like used socks and old French fries.
Sick, if they touch me I’ll be furious.

This assignment is due before the end of class.
My mind is in a perfect daydream
So I need someone to finish this fast.
They better do it or I’ll make them scream.

It’s finally time for lunch.
The line is awfully long,
but don’t get your panties in a bunch.
We can cut in line, ‘cause it isn’t wrong.

These young pupils are called freshmen.
Better known yet as fresh-meat.
They show up time and time again.
Now take your seat.

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