Lost in Addiction

September 18, 2009
By Anonymous

It’s the humiliation
of the human nature
that gets me

It’s the degradation
that runs in the veins of this nation
that eats me

It’s the desperation
of this thing we call the mother savior
that sadness me

It’s the lost salvation
that causes these emotional human barriers
that brings a tear in me

It’s the weak foundations
that have created the beliefs of our race
that bother me

It’s the dislocation
that has brought the separation of millions of corporations
that is leaving an impact on me

It’s the miscommunication
that has resulted the formation of an incurable frustration
that is using up my faith

It’s the human temptation
that has caused the death of creativity
that is drowning my positivity

But to be honest, it is the bleeding heart
that gets torn whenever we are apart
that is slowly killing me

You see
I can handle the bloody murder of the innocent masses
the brutality that comes with the harsh reality and the sadness
the destroyed peace and the madness
the angry wars and all of their badness
the temptations and the lost in faith that circulates and passes
Anything but this loneliness

It hurts me, that’s why
and it hurts worst than a bullet in the heart
the distance is like a knife...way too sharp
that keeps stabbing and stabbing me till I fall apart
when every time from your arms I depart
somewhere afar, so so afar
it is so hard
and at the same time so bizarre
you are to me like a scar
in my skin harshly carved

Now you can understand my pain
because I don't understand it, maybe it’s all a game
because its full meaning I cannot attain
….how I cannot move on from my own self disdain
and that thing that keeps me wrapped in you like a chain
and that is driving me absolutely insane
to the point that my own self I cannot maintain
or a hold of my feeling I cannot obtain
I am sustained
and in your agony I remain
In hopes that maybe you I can entertain...

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