"What it Feels Like"

December 14, 2009
Do you know waht it feels like
when everything on the inside screams its not okay?
But you force a smile trough another day.
As time goes on
your lost inside yourself all alone.
Usually you bounce right back
but this time lifes been thrown off track.
you want to let it all out.
The truth your dieing to shout.
Your lost in your own thoughts.
You try to figure out away to fix what you have lost.
Is today realy worth two tommorows
when your deep inside dread and sorrow?
As one part of you cries
the other part shines.
Its dieing to come through,
but that can not happin till you find you.
Is it to much
to break down in front of friends
and hope they understand.
Its a sharp pain now in your chest
you feel it bubbling up inside
your strength it will test.
you try to hide it behind your smile.
But your smile can only last for a while.
How much longer will it take
before you break?
An hour a day, a week, a year?
Is the flood near?

Once its out you'll be okay
and the sun will shine another day.

But you sit and wait
the missery bubbles
your push yourself through another day.
Hopeing tommorow you will find your way.

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