Mommy where are you

December 13, 2009
You’re walking through the woods at night
Only minutes till the morning light
There are many sounds for you to hear,
But only one that brings a tear
The crying of a child
Not a sound to be heard in the wild
You look and see that the Child is near
But there is still much to fear
You head in the Childs direction
Going toward it to offer protection
As you get closer, new words come to your ears
Words that were hidden in the tears
Mommy where are you?
Something is terribly wrong
Your afraid but you have to be strong
You reach out and place your hand on the shoulder of the child
A shock runs up your arm proving itself un mild
You hear the words again as it starts to turn
Your arm is beginning to burn
Mommy where are you?
When you see the Childs face
You know that something else has taken its place
You want to faint
for this child is far from a saint
You can feel the child’s little hand
As you do nothing but stare and stand
For you are in a creepy place
With a child that has a demons face
The child’s evil nails of black
Pierce your skin like a tack
Driving poisons into your arm
Looking as though it is causing no harm
You stand for a moment then fall to the ground
In the wilderness making no sound
Slowly the child passes by
It no longer needing to cry
The trick is done
And it has won
It carries on with a steady tread
Leaving you lying on the ground for dead
The last thing you hear
Are the words that were muffled by a tear
Mommy where are you?

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