December 12, 2009
By Moe:) BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Moe:) BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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Do I Wanna Take This Road I've Seen My Friends Go?
Do I Want To See My Life Start To Slow?
You Make My Heart Beat So Fast
But Will Our Smiles Forever Last?
Will Your Promises Stay True?
Do I Really Want You?
My Soul Sings For A Friend Like You.
My Mind Screams It Has To Be You.
I Don't Want To Push Me Out Into The Open.
And Not Be The Chosen.
I Am All New To This
But It Could Be Bliss.
I Don't Know If You Even Think The Same.
I Hate A Turn Around Love Game.
Do I Follow The Rabbit Into The Hole?
Or Stay Picking Daises With An Empty Soul?
Should I Feed My Curiosity Or Destroy It?
I Honestly Don't Know.

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