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December 11, 2009
By Jakaerdor BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
Jakaerdor BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"A kingdom divided cannot stand." Jesus

Why do we reject the love & help that Jesus Gave
Offered to us by him from after the grave
it seems pointless when we were created to love
Let me compare it to an injured dove

That beautiful creation lies beaten and bruised
Life came down hard but it doesn't choose
to lay injured if help arrives
cuz with that help he can return to the skies

Here's how we have rolled
we're injured layin' on the ground, cuz we tried to take control
of events only Christ can hold
but when help comes close, we hold back cuz we wish it was closer
that's our lazy spirit
and with it
we put on a mask and pretend like a poser
that every thing's okay but we go on unhealed
because the method of getting it had not appealed

Lord forgive me for what my faith may lack
give me another chance to pick up the slack
teach me to be humble so I may accept your aid
challenge me, break me,
show how to make me
remember by whom I was made
I recognise you as the God of the Kingdom of Light
thank you for strength to stand up for what's right

Now when friends invite me to a (let's say "unhealthy") party
I can say that I hardly
need that stuff holding me down
when I have a father upstairs who's fashioned me a golden crown
which shows I'm his son, a prince you see
so I know I'll be with Him in Eternity

The author's comments:
I was inspired by how one day i realized that my faith was kind of stagnate(not going anywhere) so i wrote this to show my struggle.

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