Endless Flight

December 11, 2009
The night is set 
And yet to pay 
The siren that loops in its prey 
The sounds that rumble in my head 
The future that I’d hate to dread 
Nestle my legs towards the side 
The leather that always rides 
But warmth is scarce 
And a low fee 
Just look out 
Wait and see 
You'll find the heat 
Somewhere abound 
Scope the place until it's found 
For me 
It’s gone 
The meters drain 
Only the cold can soothe my pain 
My joints 
They rust in its place 
But towards its path 
It must retrace 
Outwards the point of no return 
What lies ahead is what they'll learn 
They will scream and gasp at such a sight 
Wishing they had put up a fight 
Cough some cash and lay to rest 
Among the orange 
What is best 
Carry me in some silver 
Shaking with a quiver 
Constantly they'd mourn and cry 
And only end with a sigh. 

The acid 
The juice 
The final oil 
Spurts through its spouts, its only toil 
Tumble and fall 
But up again 
Only to mend 
Reach the ground 
The thud 
So sound 
The eyes that gaze 
Felt so shroud 
But never understand the error 
Even towards the end 
The terror 
Oblivious to what is on 
The only thing 
They have been conned 
Not even asking the act of what 
The thoughts they muster 
With a but 
The lights they shine 
A luminous glow 
Attracted to the dark I show 
If only they saw the real me 
They must be blind or light unseen. 

The shield around me 
The feeling that's there 
They will never be aware 
Positioned to the bottom heart 
Cause the top is the only part 
That still shows some human left 
Yet the dogs 
They eat in nicely gnawed hefts 
Growing the urge to step on out 
Instead of the rage 
The things I’ll shout 
But in one conspicuous pattern 
The humor I show 
In its satire 
The target 
Which is only a door 
For what's in store. 

Extend my arm 
And slowly grasp 
And take a deep breath 
Almost my last 
They mutter 
And shout out their only fear 
I never listen 
I only hear 
The oil squeezes its blackly fluid 
I can't believe she just called me "stupid" 
I run and expel my energy 
The grow has changed 
Now feeling free 
Before I feel that this is right 
I imagine my endless flight. 

But reality comes back from its mist 
The slits 
They lie on my wrist 
It stings harder like never before 
As I quickly slam the door 
My momentum would only fail 
And I'll be caught 
To my dismal 
So I leap the narrow floor 
And I crash into the door 
I fall 
I tripped 
But with a swift move 
I pivot myself towards the forsaken room 
The hands upon the popcorn wall 
The precious time I've only stalled 
The appendage that tries to reach 
The only thing there is beneath 
Clasping my palm across the stair 
The coldness it effortlessly bares 
Even on a summery day 
The color it shows is always gray 
Pulls off the thing I've always wanted 
But only she, tempting and haunted 
She makes her final stand 
Not knowing her conquered land 
But me 
The real hate inside 
Has been hinting the only resides 
They never get it 
Never knew 
Always attended towards her askew 

Only fuels the war that's in my mind 
To break the window 
Evidently they'll find 
All that rambles and banters and lies 
The things I go through as they all walk by 
Reality still is a rude awakening 
As I come back 
And only blatantly 
I crawl oh so fast 
Up these flights 
Never ending 
The hope I might 
Hope is never there 
It stays in its dragon’s lair 
If it was there 
I wouldn't be 
Or maybe I would 
Shakespeare to his knee. 

Fast as lightning 
Its vicious speed 
Once was a want 
Now but a need 
The motion of the swinging lips 
The awful words that they all rip 
Reason is now without love 
And now their last won't be above 
But nonetheless 
The mission hauled 
The bugger with its despicable call 
Hate to say 
That’s all they did 
As if I was to be rid. 

Encourages the action here 
No turning back to slip and veer 
The crush of my bonely blades 
Crash upon the metaly spade 
The cold air bashes its frost 
But it is I that they would lost 
In a blur 
The environment 
The faster I run 
I'm god sent 
Now the time 
I've checked the list 
Now it all comes down to this 
Do I run and gracefully leap, 
Or do I use the gravity's steep? 

Down the rabbit hole I go 
But to where 
I'll never know… 

I haven't done this in a while, 
But when I fell 
I smiled 

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