Like Thread Torn From Cloth

September 17, 2009
By Anonymous

The two lovers were torn apart like thread from cloth sewn together with love
No longer allowed to speak to each other, they each went their own way
She went home to her house on the farm
He went home to his apartment in the city
She cried each night thinking of her past
He took up smoking and drinking
He eventually wasted his life away
She never heard from him, but was stuck on him
She thrashed about at night, unable to sleep
During the day, she stayed home and cooked his favourite meals
She saved him a piece every night until she became insane
She built a man quite like a scarecrow
Slept with him and called him hers
Her hair grew wild and was never clean
One night she awoke and realised her instability
In a fury she took up her "man"
Threw him into the fire
Tore up her clothes
Looking in the mirror, she saw how hideous she had become
She scratched up her face and tore out her hair
Collapsing on the ground and fainting
Next morning she was found dead

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