the monster.. i loved

September 16, 2009
By , florence, KY
How could you play me in such a messed up game.
Filled with lies and despair i face down in pure shame.
The jagged knife you carry was there from the start.
You sliced me right open and ripped out my heart.
You excelled in the study of my faults and emotions.
I was blinded by your fake smile which caught me in the motion,
of spinning in circles disoriented by love.
I stumble over pieces in dark shade from above.
Now my legs are left broken from falling for you.
I thought our love would last forever but it was to good to be true.
First came the screaming
and next came the shoves.
I prayed it was nothing,
yet i was all wrong.
I became the inanamite object you once hit.
Your hands forced upon me once the fire was lit.
Next the attention you sold to another.
I guess everything wasnt enough,
even as your sons mother.
You became blind at how much i sacrified my own life.
Not once did you put down your sharp jagged knife.
Stabbed right in the back, all colors faded black,
and i knew our potential had finally passed.
The bruises on my body have long gone away,
but the bruises on my heart will always remain.

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