pretending to be

September 2, 2009
By Anonymous

If they knew what my life was like
im sure theyd leave me alone
i smile and laugh, pretending im fine
everythings okay.
they have no idea what i come home too
there's more than meets the eye
i may appear to be stuck up and b****y
but i live a double life.
I can be the happiest girl in the world
an over achiever with places to go
but i come home
and turn from gold to gray.
useless dust
to be swept up and pushed away.
till yet another fight has started.
then they pick up my empty cloth and let
the wind fill me back up with the terrors and screams
they wring me out and throw me back to the dark
i go to my room and get a call from a friend
i jump out and lay on my bed
they tell me how their familys a b****
cause she didnt get what she wanted
i suck up my tears and agree her life sucks
but i dont tell them a thing about me.
i must pretend to be perfect
i try to be happy and snappy and bright
i am till i come home and they blow out my light.

The author's comments:
A double life.

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