Past Future Presence

September 2, 2009
By Anonymous


Eyes like that of the sweetest angel, born from beyond the stars.
A brown that would sooth the cries of any child
Skin with the brightest warmth, like a reflection from the sun its self
Welcoming as the yellow brick road, leading to the first step to the rest of my life
Lips; with softness of clouds, moist as summer rain
Forming a smile; of remarkable beauty like that of a pearl, from the deepest ocean
Never to be broken, like that of a vase with a priceless origin
Once broken; the sound of devastation fills the room
A cry of irritation and rage
Sublime to all around
Reopening eyes; with a knew light much darker than before
No longer walking with eyes wide shut


Purist complexion of brown
Holding the most delicate flavor in its tone
Once consumed; overwhelming with joy
Vibrant feelings pour over you
As though you were in a river; flowing directly from the heavens
Appearance varies; resembling that of a kiss or even a flower
Melting on your tongue with delicacy
The smell of beauty fills the air


Orbs, immaculate, with a center holding such vibrant colors
Glossy and refined- so full of life; but vacant when searching for what lies behind
Capturing heart ache; the gloss thickens
Slowly glazing over
Death, losses; pain, suffering, like perspiration glass, causes a pool of such liquid resembling that of ocean water, to build beneath them
Slowly pouring down
Reveling all; that lies; behind


as we sit . laughing with deep empty stares.

deep gazes of two very diverse browns.

power and beauty meet, followed by smiles.

smiles that illuminate the room. with a

brightness that doesn't seem to fade. as the

sweet passionate sound of laughter fills the

house. leaking through cracks and door ways

spreading joy that’s; simply ours

The author's comments:
These are a few of my pices. I hope that every one enjoys. They view life from different prospectives

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