December 23, 2009
I trusted you
We've been frIends for years
Our parents used to joke
About us growing up
And falling in Love

One day
I cOuldn't look at you the same
You weren't the boy
I played with in the sandbox

Now you are a boy
With blond hair
And bright green eyes
And a smile
That can make my heart melt.
We both fell in loVe
Just like theY joked

We started dating
But always swore friendship first
Until you gOt jealous of austin
We would talk in our business class
YoU confronted him
Asking if he was going after me
You were afraid it was the Begining
Of the end

He denied it
It was a Rumor you see?
Thats the thing about highschool
In a smAll town
There's nothing to do but spread rumors around!

You confronted me
Yelling and mad
I was in shock
So I Yelled right back!

Today my ex best friend Megan
Finally came clean
And tolD you she made up
The whole D**n thing
She was jEalous
Becuase of you and me

Two weeks of paiN
SufFered by you and me
And here you are
Standing on my dOorstep
Begging for me to undeRstand
Eyes puffy and rEd.

You whisper you loVe me
And your sorry I'm hurt
I open the door widE
And you open your aRms
Finally back where I belong.

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liongirl said...
Apr. 3, 2010 at 10:32 am
Do the capitalized letters spell something?  I love the poem
writerscramp replied...
Oct. 13, 2010 at 11:53 am
Yes, they do. Nice eye!
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