When ii Grew Up

December 23, 2009
By , Clementon, NJ
When I grow up I wonder will the world change.
Will dead beat daddies still be the same?
Will moms learn how to love and care for their kids?
Will people go through the same things that I once did?
I Wonder?
Will people finally do something good with their life?
Love thy neighbor and cherish thy wife?
Will anyone ever be on the news for anything other than killing?
Will people ever live in something other than drug and bug infested buildings?
When ii Grow Up!
Will there ever be a sentence that begins with please
and ends with thank you?
Will people learn to abide by the laws
and stop skipping there curfews?
Will more people decide to go to school?
Will they stop thinking that being the school wh*** is so cool?
When ii Grow Up!
Will there ever be a world where a drug dealer is not on every block?
Where people getting wrongfully touched stops?
Will people finally get their lives together for them and their families?
Step up to be that great motherfather that no one is trying to be?
When ii Grow Up!
Will all the suicides cease?
Will people stop acting like in the middle of all the senseless crimes is where they really want to be?
Will families get together other than when bad things happen?
Will people ever stop being nosy and trying to be in the middle of all the action?
When ii Grow Up!
Will there ever be a world where people have somebody to trust.
Where people stop building relationships off lust?
Will lying become the new fashion?
Will people learn how to show their true passion?
When ii Grow Up!
Will anyone learn to love true and deep?
Will people that live dangerously ever get a full night’s sleep?
Will Rap music ever be about anything other than sex, money and drugs.
Will black men desire to be anything other than thugs?
When ii Grow Up!
Will people ever be more afraid to live than die?
Will people ever learn to stop the lies?
Will fathers ever learn to listen to their daughters and sons?
Will people ever put down their guns?
When ii Grow Up!
This is the world I would love to live in
in a world where there is no deceit, hate and lies.
I hope the world changes in many ways,
before I die!
When ii Grow Up!

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