For Mi Esposa

August 30, 2009
By Anonymous

To my baby girl Loca, the only true chica, the love of my life and my future wife. I love you girl.

Loca you’re my baby girl/ you help me get through this devilish world/ the only one that stands by my side/ I want to be with you until the day, that I die/ until the day that be both fall, until the day that our cards get called/ I may not have the fedia to ball/ or the fedia to give you all/ that you deserve/ but my love is here to serve/ my love will never waiver, or fail/ I’ll always protect you from the rain and the hail/ any time of night, or day, my love will be true/ cause forever you’ll be my baby, and I only want you/ I want to hold you when your cold, and love you until were old/ I want to love you until the white house grows mold/ I’ll stay more true to you, than I do the one-three/ you’re the only one that gets a vato like me/ you know I’ll always treat you right girl, and love you every night girl/ girl I love you

I can’t wait to put that ring on your finger/ at our vows, my kiss will forever linger/ forever I’ll be yours/ forever you’ll be mine/ you are the definition of perfection/ the look of forever beauty/ I love your looks from your eyes, to your booty/ haha/ you know I love you Hermosa/ you are my very casa/ without you, babe believe me I’m nada/ you fill that hole in my chest/ and I want to hold you, until they lay my body down to rest/ we’ve known each other for years/ through broken hearts, and dropping tears/ let me love you, and take away your fears/ when I think of my love for you, I look into your eyes and it’s like a mirror

Baby, we were born to love each other/ born to die together/ Loca I want you to be my babies mother/ I want to ride with you forever/ cause I love you like no other/ I ain’t tripping about your son/ I’ll love him like he’s my very own/ it doesn’t matter, if it makes you happy I’m down/ being serious, or acting like a clown/ Loca you’re the only one/ that can make me put away the gun/ since the 1st second I met you/ I wanted to get with you/ wanted to hold and kiss you/ I’ll make any sacrifice/ to give you the life, and the love/ lift you off this hellish ground like a dove/ don’t worry about me cheating, cause you’re above/ a top notch dame/ baby, can’t you see/ the way I feel about you, ain’t no game.

The author's comments:
I wrote this song, while I was thinkin about my love for my fiancee Krystal

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